Kathryn G. Kent -- Trademark Attorney

Kathryn G. Kent — Partner

Contact Information:

60 Lake Street, Suite 2C,
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: (802) 540-3079
Cell: (802) 498-7167

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Professional Summary

I offer intellectual property services with an emphasis on trademarks, copyright, internet law, and related areas of business law. In addition, I devote a significant portion of my time to unfair completion and false advertising litigation including consumer protection claims. As an advocate I bring a commitment to the broader concepts of justice and fairness, and continue to take targeted cases and issues impacting societal and consumer protections. And, I handle the daily legal issues with the same perspective; the concepts of justice and fairness are foundational rather than theoretical. When I practice trademark law, I keep in mind its goals of protecting consumers and promoting fair, responsible competition. As a client, you can expect my work to reflect these deeply rooted convictions, and a genuine commitment to my clients.

Clients across the United States benefit from an accessible, affordable, counselor at law approach to their trademark, business, and intellectual property strategies. In addition, my clients benefit from a collaborative network of attorneys who provide international support to Lewis Kent clients conducting business on a global scale.

As part of my commitment to law and public education, I am enthusiastically involved in the American Bar Association. Currently, I chair an actively engaged ABA/IPL trademark committee. I am also an elected fellow of the American Bar Foundation. For more about my background and work with the trademark division of the American Bar Association, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Professional Associations

American Bar Association:

  • Chair of the ABA-IPL Trademark Litigation Committee (beginning September 2017)
  • Vice-Chair of the ABA-IPL Trademark Litigation Committee (2015-2017)
  • Chair of the ABA-IPL USPTO Operations relating to Trademark and Ex Parte  Trademark Practice (2014-2016)
  • Chair of the State Trademark Legislation Sub-Committee (2011-2015)

Honors & Awards

Fellow of the American Bar Foundation: Fellows are nominated and elected by their peers who are part of the American Bar Foundation. Less than one percent of attorneys in any given jurisdiction in the country are invited to become a Fellow. The American Bar Foundation is the leading legal research institute in the United States. The Foundation is instrumental in promoting the ideals of the legal system and initiating policy that supports these ideals.

Recognition of Outstanding Leadership Contribution:  This award is given in recognition of leadership contributions furthering the goals of the American Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Section.


Vermont Law School: JD 2006


  • CLE Presentation: Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Law Fundamentals. Hilton, Burlington Vermont. (2012)
  • Copyright Panelist/VBA Intellectual Property Law Conference. The topic of the presentation was international distinctions in select areas of copyright law. (2013)


  • ABA-IPL eNews March 2016: Trademark Committee Article
  • ABA-IPL eNews: State and local trademark and related legislation in 2013